Health and skincare treatments work in synergy with each other, offering a holistic approach to wellbeing, incorporating both nutrition and IIAA supplements.

We use vitamin-based cosmeceutical products from SkinCeuticals and Environ in face and body treatments.

To protect & offer a flawless finish we use the Jane Iredale range of organic natural pure mineral-based make-up, recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

All treatments are carried out with the unique Therapeutic Hydrotherm massage system, in which the body is completely supported on a warm water-filled mattress.

Beauty therapy appointment times

Monday 09:00-17:00
Tuesday 09:00-13:00
Wednesday 09:00-17:30
Thursday 09:00-20:00
Friday 09:00-17:00


Cosmeceuticals represent the marriage of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Examples of products typically labeled as cosmeceuticals include anti-ageing creams and moisturisers. Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products with biologically active ingredients purporting to have medical or drug-like benefits. Dermatological research suggests that the bioactive ingredients used in cosmeceuticals do indeed have benefits beyond the traditional moisturiser.

SkinCeuticals &  Environ have the science backing behind these claims and this is available to view.


When I turned 39 I took a long look in the mirror and decided this was the year I would finally shift the excess weight.  Having been on a diet for nigh on 25 years, I decided enough was enough and it had to go!  I dug out the old diet books and worked out my menus; my close friend encouraged me to join a gym and I started going three times a week.  This was it!

 A few weeks into the new regime, but there were no changes on the scales.  “Don’t worry” I thought, “you’ve just not got the diet right.”  I changed some of the menus, and carried on.  More weeks passed and still no progress.  “Don’t worry”, I thought, “muscle weighs more than fat.” And I persevered, becoming more and more disillusioned and depressed as the weight refused to move.  A year later and I had dropped a dress size, felt fitter than I had for years, but still no change with the scales.  I couldn’t believe it!  There had to be something more to this than just my diet; my body was outright refusing to co-operate!  I decided to investigate this further and had a hair analysis mineral test.  It was the best decision I have ever made!

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