When I received the report, the first thing I noticed was the heading “Metabolic Type Slow 1”.  “You’re not kidding” I thought.  Then I read the phrase:

 “After a prolonged period of time, a diminished metabolic rate, such as indicated in these test results, has been correlated with fatigue, cold hands and feet, easy weight gain and craving for sweets.”

 "That’s me!” I thought, “That’s exactly me!”  To anyone who knows me, my cold hands are legendary, I just need to look at a biscuit and I put on two lbs, and chocolate is banned from my house.

 The report shows the levels of specific minerals in my body, and the ratio of certain minerals against each other.  My results were very revealing!  My ratio of high calcium v low potassium, for example, suggests a reduced thyroid function, giving symptoms of fatigue, cold sensitivity and over-weight tendencies.  My low magnesium levels indicate a Type 2 Insomnia – the ability to fall asleep but awakening frequently throughout the night.  When both sodium and potassium levels are low, emotional changes may occur due to a lack of sufficient energy production by adrenal glands, including the inability to cope with stress.  All true!

 So, now that I knew these things, what was I to do about them?  The report advises certain dietary changes to help balance the minerals, none of them onerous and I knew I could make those changes.  However, the report also suggests various supplements that can help speed those changes along.  When I went over the report with Jill, she expressed her concern that, out of the six supplements recommended, four of them were at double the standard dose.  Some of my mineral levels were so low, the standard dose was just not enough.  I was horrified!

 My first thought was, obviously, to see a doctor, especially about the possibility of an underactive thyroid.  I had never approached a doctor in the past about my weight.  “Surely” I thought, “if I go to the doctor and explain I can’t lose weight and my hands are cold, the response would be “Pull yourself together woman!  Get a grip of your will power and put on some gloves!”  Doctors are for sick people, and I wasn’t sick, not really, and I would be wasting their time.

 After thinking things over carefully, however, I decided that there was more to this than just the inability to lose weight.  The out-of-kilter mineral ratios, the very low mineral levels and the impact these were having on my daily life were much more far-reaching.  I was going to sort these mineral levels out first, get a good nights’ sleep (!) and then worry if the weight was still refusing to move.  With the supplements encouraging increased metabolic/glandular/digestive support, and raising my levels of magnesium, potassium, vitamins B6 and  E, several of life’s daily struggles would be reduced or disappear altogether.  And perhaps the change in my state of mind would be the trigger to move this weight loss along.  We shall see!

Part 2

After speaking to Jill on a Friday, I was very impressed to receive a call from Sandie the following Tuesday to say my supplements had arrived.  I hurried around to the Clinic after work to collect my goodies and surveyed my multitude of bottles when I got home.

I opened one bottle at a time and, using three small tubs, popped the relevant number of each pill into each of the tubs.  It is amazing how large a pile of ten pills three times a day looks!  Waiting to start the regime the following morning was torture – to have one last naughty carb or not? – but I held onto my will power and started the next day with a clear conscience.  It took a huge cup of water to take all ten and I did rattle a little for a couple of hours, but I knew this was a new beginning!

Two weeks down the line and have there been any changes?  I haven’t miraculously lost two stone (drat!) but the weight has started to edge slowly in the right direction.  I am sleeping better, and my mood is lighter – I caught myself singing (badly) whilst making lunch the other day – usually I am in too much of a rush, or too hungry, for singing!  I feel better about the future already J

Part 3

So, I am just about to finish the second month of my supplement regime and thought I should let you know how things are going.

The lows:  no changes on the scales.  I have been eating so little over the past year that my body is struggling to cope with the increase!  I still cannot eat the Government’s “recommended” amount for women without a penalty and if, heaven forefend, I should eat a meal out, then I am severely punished on the scales.  Jill has very gently advised me that it will be at least 6 months before I start to see any progress, so I am continuing to increase my fruit and vegetables – 8 a day, no bother!  I am also trying gluten free foods, which has been a steep learning curve in the use of herbs and spices!

 The highs:  sleep!!  I have been sleeping through the night for the first time since I had my son 6 years ago.  The change that little thing has made is unbelievable.  I can face the hard days at work, and cope with the challenges thrown at me by my clients, with determination rather than dismay.  I am also enjoying the gym again, pushing myself to work harder and having the energy to do so.

 All in all, I feel the highs do outweigh (pun!) the lows and I will continue to have faith that, perhaps by the end of my 40th year, I will finally be able to throw those diet books away J.

Part 4

Well, it has been some months since my last blog, has there been any progress?

That’s a no and yes answer!

I got the results of my second hair analysis and was somewhat disappointed, although not very surprised by the results.  Pretty much nothing had changed!  Despite taking 30 pills a day, there had been very little movement in the various mineral levels, in fact, the calcium had actually increased!  There had been no change on the scales either. What was going on?

 Jill had a look over the results, and a think over the weekend, and promptly handed me a tub of probiotics on the Monday.  My body is doing everything in its power to stop any improvements, including, it seems, actually absorbing any of the multitude of minerals I had been taking!

Two months later and things are starting to happen - the weight is very slowly starting to come off!!  It is still balanced on a knife edge - the slightest thing can upset the process; an extra piece of fruit, bigger slice of bread from a different make of loaf, packet of the kids’ raisins…..  A lot of trial and error also; no coffee an hour before or after taking the pills (coffee hinders absorption of iron), soya yoghurts only twice a week, eat tea before 8:00pm (not as easy as it sounds!), and alcohol is still a pipe dream…..


It is finally starting to work!!  I’m no saint; I won’t be able to eat the perfect foods every day (um Fudge last night oops!), but there is now the slightest glimmer at the end of this very long tunnel.

 So, has there been any progress?  Initially no, but now yes J